Budget 2004 -- Government of British Columbia.

Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2005

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Introduction to the Estimates
Explanatory Notes
Summary Information
  Estimates Accounting Policies and Presentation Changes
  Estimated Statement of Financial Position
  Estimated Statement of Operations
  Estimated Surplus (Deficit) Overview
  Estimated Accumulated Deficit
  Estimated Revenue by Source
  Estimated Expense by Organization
  Estimated Consolidated Revenue Fund Expense
Estimates of Special Offices, Ministries and Other Appropriations
  Officers of the Legislature
  Office of the Premier
  Ministry of Advanced Education
  Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
  Ministry of Attorney General
  Ministry of Children and Family Development
  Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services
  Ministry of Education
  Ministry of Energy and Mines
  Ministry of Finance
  Ministry of Forests
  Ministry of Health Services
  Ministry of Human Resources
  Ministry of Management Services
  Ministry of Provincial Revenue
  Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
  Ministry of Skills Development and Labour
  Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development
  Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
  Ministry of Transportation
  Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
  Management of Public Funds and Debt
  Other Appropriations
  A Consolidated Revenue Fund Operating Expense, Capital Expenditure and FTE Reconciliation — 2002/03
  B Special Accounts — Summary
  C Financing Transactions — Prepaid Capital Advances
  D Financing Transactions — Capital Expenditures
  D1 Financing Transactions — Capital Expenditures — Taxpayer-Supported Organizations
  E Financing Transactions — Loans, Investments and Other Requirements
  F Financing Transactions — Revenue Collected for, and Transferred to, Other Entities
  G Fulltime Equivalent Employment
  H Reconciliation of Surplus/(Deficit) to Change in Taxpayer-Supported Debt and Statement of Total Debt
  I Summary of Ministerial Accountability for Operating Expenses
  J Estimated Consolidated Revenue Fund Operating Result
  K Taxpayer-Supported Crown Corporations and Agencies — Estimated Revenues and Expenses
  L SUCH Sector and Regional Authorities — Estimated Revenues and Expenses
  M Estimated Revenue by Source
  N Estimated Expense by Function
Explanatory Notes on the Group Account Classifications


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