Budget 2004 -- Government of British Columbia.
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Ministry Overview

The Ministry of Management Services provides a broad range of services to the public through Service BC, and to other ministries and the broader public sector through Solutions BC. The Ministry also plays a significant role in transforming service delivery to customers and clients. It should be noted that the British Columbia Public Service Agency prepares its own Service Plan and therefore information pertaining to the Agency is not included in this document.

Since June of 2001, the Ministry of Management Services has been reviewing and aligning its programs in order to support and manage government's internal operations. An organization chart can be found in Appendix A "Strategic Context".

Management Services customers and clients include:

  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Visitors to British Columbia
  • Provincial Ministries
  • Crown corporations
  • Other levels of government and jurisdictions, including:
    • Government of Canada
    • Other provincial governments
    • Municipalities
  • The Broader Public Sector, including:
    • Schools and Universities
    • Regional Health Authorities

Management Services appears deceptively small, as its net voted appropriation is only $51.289 million in 2004/05. It is, however, a large Ministry: its 2004/05 gross expenditures are expected to be $377.495 million and its gross recoveries $326.206 million.

In addition, the Ministry also collects approximately $900 million in revenues on behalf of other Ministries and Agencies through the Government Agents Branch and BC OnLine.

For fiscal year 2004/05 the Ministry has an estimated Full-Time Equivalent staff allocation of 1,664.


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