Budget 2004 -- Government of British Columbia.
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Appendix 2. Summary of Related Planning Processes


Management Services conducted a deregulation review in late 2001 and as directed by Cabinet on July 10, 2002, the Ministry established performance targets to demonstrate how its deregulation commitments would be met by 2004/05. When setting the Ministry's reduction target at 5.4 per cent3, it was noted that the majority — nearly 2/3 — of Ministry's regulatory responsibilities are in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and it has been determined that most of the regulatory requirements in this legislation do not affect the general public and that the regulatory requirements for government officials are intended to ensure the rights and interests of the public are safeguarded. Furthermore, elimination of these regulations could have consequences contrary to one of the key principles of the deregulation initiative, which is to make it easier and less expensive for the general public to deal with government.

There have been two substantial changes to Management Services' baseline count since its last Service Plan, as a result of the following:

  • Order in Council 692, approved and ordered on July 15, 2003, transferred administration of Part 2 of the Public Sector Pension Plans Act to the Minister of Finance. This change reduced Management Services' baseline number by 55; and
  • With the proclamation of the Personal Information Protection Act in January 2004, the baseline count increased by 80 regulatory requirements. Had this provincial legislation not been enacted, citizens and businesses in British Columbia would have fallen under the coverage of the federal government's private sector privacy Act, which is more complex and heavily regulated. Therefore, this "regulatory increase" results in a benefit to British Columbians.

For 2006/07, the Ministry is committed to pursuing smart regulation through compliance with the regulatory criteria.

3   The Minister of Management Services is required to meet an overall target of 30.3 per cent, which includes the British Columbia Public Service Agency.

Ministry of Management Services — Deregulation Baseline and Targets

Target Description Baseline1 2002/03 2003/04 June 2004
Ministry Regulatory Requirements 698      
Target: number of regulatory requirements reduced   26 5 7
Target: cumulative percentage of baseline   3.7% 4.4% 5.4%
Achievement: number of regulatory reductions achieved   26 18  
Achievement: cumulative percentage of regulatory reduction   3.7% 6.3%  
Major Regulatory Reviews to be Completed     The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Legislative
review commenced in
the Fall of 2003.

1   Based on 618 regulations in June 2001, plus 80 additional regulations included in the Personal Information Protection Act.

Information Resource Management Plan (IRMP)

The Ministry has two roles in relation to IRMPs. The Ministry is both a provider and consumer of ICT governance and common ICT services. Like all ministries, Management Services prepares an IRMP setting out its strategic initiatives for the coming fiscal year. However, Management Services also plays a cross-government coordination role with regard to IRMPs prepared individually by all ministries of government. A committee that includes representatives from the Ministry of Management Services reviews all IRMPs to ensure that "whole of government" strategies are developed and integrated and that dollars directed to ICT initiatives are allocated appropriately. Activities related to this overarching role are captured under Goal 3 in this Service Plan.

In its role as a service provider, Management Services will undertake strategic investments that support the key initiatives outlined in this Plan. The Ministry will undertake the following actions to improve internal operations:

  • Migrate ministry web content to the Enterprise Portal;
  • Implement a cost-effective web management model;
  • Pilot the Enterprise Document and Records Management System;
  • Adopt Shared File and Print;
  • Where possible, adopt Desktop Terminal Services; and
  • Refresh the Government Agents technology and systems support model.

Human Resource Management Plan (HRMP)

The Ministry of Management Services' HRMP (People Strategy) is an important element in achieving the Ministry's goals. The People Strategy is also linked to the Government of British Columbia's Corporate Human Resource Plan. As a result of consultations with Ministry employees, an emphasis has been placed on developing a performance-focused workforce. In particular, strengthening the linkages between the individual EPDPs and other plans (the Government Strategic Plan, the Ministry Service Plan, and Division and Branch Plans) will be a key component of the People Strategy.


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