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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

Photo of Joyce Murray, MinisterThe Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection is committed to protecting the quality of British Columbia's environment. We have a mandate to reduce pollution and the accompanying risks to human health; maintain and restore our province's natural biological diversity; and manage our parks, protected areas, wildlife and fish for the benefit of present and future British Columbians and our many visitors.

This Annual Service Plan Report outlines our achievements in relation to our 2002/03 – 2004/05 Service Plan. Over the past year, we have made notable progress in achieving our annual performance targets and carrying out our strategic shifts. We have made decisions based on sound science; created opportunities for innovation and economic development; reduced regulatory requirements; and continued to protect our natural environment. We moved ahead with our efforts to tackle a number of major environmental issues, such as climate change, and are working to ensure that British Columbia's interests are addressed. Contributions from the Recreation Stewardship Panel, Contaminated Sites Panel, and Wildlife-Human Conflict Prevention Team provided a solid foundation for the ministry's 2003 legislative agenda. This will form the basis of a framework that is cost-effective, focused on environmental results, and encourages innovation.

The ministry continues to support our government's broad vision of a strong and vibrant provincial economy; a supportive social infrastructure; safe, healthy communities and a sustainable environment. We recognize the need for responsible management of ministry resources and ongoing performance management. To continue improving in the years ahead, we remain committed to investing in our human resources and information systems.

Promoting stewardship and shared responsibility remains key to achieving our environmental goals. We will continue to increase partnership opportunities with governments, First Nations, communities, academic institutions, industries, volunteer organizations and the public. I would like to thank ministry staff, our colleagues in other ministries, our numerous partners outside of government and the people of British Columbia for their dedication to protecting and improving the quality of our spectacular natural environment now and in the future.

Honourable Joyce Murray


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