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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Education

Photograph -- Honourable Christy Clark.Ministry of Education

It is my pleasure to present the Ministry of Education's 2002/03 Annual Report.

This annual report details our progress made throughout the second year of our four-year mandate in fulfilling our New Era commitments.

Our government's vision of a high quality education system for BC is becoming a reality and we are continuing to make great progress in education reform.

To support our goal of improving student achievement, we provided: greater autonomy to locally elected school boards, implemented better accountability measures at all levels of the education system, ensured parents have greater involvement in their children's schools and encouraged a new range of choice for students and parents in school and program selection.

We are pleased to report a record 77 per cent of BC students completed high school this year. Nearly 43 per cent of Aboriginal students completed secondary school — up eight per cent from five years ago.

This year's reforms to the graduation program will continue to improve student achievement and also ensure students leave high school with a well-rounded education. Students will have more choice, whether they are planning to enter the workforce, trades training or university.

Education is the best single investment any government can make. We have provided school boards with a simpler funding formula and the multi-year funding envelopes they asked for. Our government provided stability and increased per-student funding this year, in spite of declining enrolments.

We also conducted satisfaction surveys in which more than 200,000 parents, students and school staff participated. This survey, the largest of its kind in Canada, provides valuable information about our education system and what we need to improve in our schools.

We are determined to build an education system that produces students who are well positioned for the future. I'm very proud of the progress we've made and I am committed to continue working with students, parents, teachers, trustees, principals and communities as we transform BC's education system.

Our focus, as always, will be on putting students first.

Honourable Christy Clark
Minister of Education


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