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September Update
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B.C. Home  September Update - Budget 2005  Message from the Minister and Accountability Statement

Message from the Minister and
Accountability Statement

Photograph -- Honourable Michael de Jong.The Service Plan for the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services will lead the transformation of service delivery across government, while building on past achievements to ensure that British Columbia continues to be the best place to live and work.

Our mission is to make front-line services more responsive to the needs of the public and create an employment environment that meets the needs of workers, employers and unions. We will continue to pursue effective industrial relations as it affects both the public and private sector bargaining. Labour and Citizens’ Services is committed to providing innovative solutions for access to programs and information for individuals, the public and private sectors. Responsible cost management of those solutions will include eliminating duplication, and streamlining delivery of internal management services.

One important mandate will close the digital divide as part of our government’s Golden Decade commitments to strengthen education, health and economic initiatives in our province. In 2003, fifty-three per cent of B.C. households had access to high-speed Internet services. Today, because of past efforts targeted by the Premier’s Technology Council, seventy-four per cent of all B.C. households have access to those services. Our goal is to provide service access to remaining communities, helping British Columbians make the most of their potential.

The ministry is also committed to creating an employment environment that ensures British Columbians have the tools they need to foster working relationships in safe, healthy workplaces. Government will continue to provide protection to our most vulnerable workers, strengthen efforts to raise the standards of workplace safety, improve our service-oriented focus to meet the needs of injured workers and employers through WorkSafeBC — the Workers’ Compensation Board, and enhance responsiveness to business needs through the Labour Relations Board.

The Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services 2005/06 – 2007/08 Service Plan Update September 2005 was prepared under my direction in accordance with the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act. I am accountable for the basis on which the plan has been prepared. All material fiscal assumptions and policy decisions as of July 29, 2005 have been considered in preparing the plan and I am accountable for achieving the specific objectives in the plan.


Honourable Michael de Jong
Minister of Labour and Citizens’ Services

August 12, 2005

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