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Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Results  
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September Update
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Citizens' Services

Strategic Context

Vision, Mission and Values


To be a leader in connecting citizens, communities and businesses with government services and a valued partner in the delivery of innovative services to the public sector.


Champion the transformation of government service delivery to respond to the everyday needs of citizens, businesses and the public sector.

Values and Culture

Citizens' Services plays a leadership role in transforming service delivery to British Columbians. Fulfilling this role depends on a committed and skilled work force operating in a customer-focused, innovative and results-oriented culture. Our values guide us in attaining our goals and are reflected in our objectives and performance measures.

Customer-Focused Services anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers and clients.
Results-Oriented Performance is measured to ensure cost-effective business outcomes and value-added results.
Innovative Leading-edge, creative and integrated approaches are implemented.
Collaborative Clients and stakeholders are actively engaged in value-added solutions.
Work As A Team Staff work together to achieve results and maximize resources.

Individuals and teams that achieve results and demonstrate creativity and calculated risk-taking are recognized.

Respectful Individuals are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.
Transparent Actions and communications are open and transparent.

Planning Context and Key Strategic Issues

The following challenges and opportunities were identified as potentially affecting the Citizens' Services area of the ministry.


  • Increase accessibility for citizens, businesses and the public sector to government-wide information and services. Utilize a variety of channels (face-to-face, telephone and Internet), increase broadband access and support the ease of use of these tools and lead Canada in the provision of citizen's services in multiple languages including First Nations' languages.
  • Integrate government services in a way that allows citizens to access whatever they need from government, from wherever they live and by whatever avenue they choose.
  • Continue to be leaders in innovative public sector service delivery by developing integrated end-to-end shared services and by reducing costs. This will include successfully transitioning BCBC into Public Service Operations. Leverage the benefits from successful public/private partnerships to enhance service delivery and build on the modern, efficient, and scaleable provincial information and technology infrastructure.
  • Support government's efforts to develop a powerful image that brands British Columbia as the best place to live and work.
  • Realize the full potential of the Knowledge Network including reaching out to British Columbians with information about services, tourism, business opportunities and quality of life.


  • Integrated service delivery depends on public confidence in government's ability to guarantee the security of private information. A sophisticated ability to identify and authenticate clients who wish to access services will be built by ensuring service delivery channels and infrastructure are secure and privacy is maintained.
  • Integrated service delivery also depends on having infrastructure in place in all of B.C.'s communities and a high level of access by citizens.
  • Being a leader in innovative service delivery carries the inherent risks of being the first to do things in a new way. Maintaining leadership also requires investment and the ability to attract and retain a talented and appropriately skilled workforce in an increasingly competitive market place.
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