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2003/04 – 2005/06 SERVICE PLAN
Ministry of Management Services

Photograph -- Honourable Sandy Santori.I have the honour of submitting the Ministry of Management Services’ Service Plan for the period April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2006. This plan is presented in accordance with section 13 of the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act.

As outlined in last year’s Service Plan, the Ministry of Management Services is undergoing a strategic shift from a model of traditional government service to one of client-focused and value-added shared services. This transition is still underway.

The ministry oversees and ensures that British Columbians have access to government when and how they need it. Our focus is on enhancing service delivery to include more convenient, citizen-centred and integrated service.

A new set of responsibilities for the Ministry of Management Services has emerged as a result of key initiatives that have been underway this past year to fundamentally change the way government operates.

Simply put, government is coordinating all service delivery channels under one ministry, while increasing cost-efficiency for taxpayers, enhancing accountability measures and focusing on results.

Service delivery will be integrated to include face-to-face interaction (i.e., Government Agents), online portals, call centers, interactive voice response (IVR) and other options, all aimed at improving service to British Columbians.

This will include the completion of the Service Delivery Project and the establishment of a framework for the delivery of government services throughout the province.

We are also consolidating leading information management and information technology processes by including the Chief Information Office within our ministry. This will facilitate the implementation of e-government and electronic service delivery, and will enable us to be more client-focused and responsive to the needs of British Columbians.

We recognize the challenges many businesses face in an increasingly globalized economy. We also recognize the opportunities that e-business can provide. The ministry is committed to developing and implementing an action plan to bridge the digital divide, so that business can compete effectively, worldwide and citizens realize the benefits of enhanced access.

Within government the ministry is responsible for providing corporate and information programs including Records Management; Corporate Privacy and Information Access; BC Statistics; BC OnLine; the Waste Buster Web site; BC Connects/BC Internet Services; Enquiry BC and government’s Corporate Information Technology and Management Library services.

The ministry is in the process of implementing the new BC Shared Services Agency, which will provide Finance and Administration Services, Procurement and Supply Services, Common IT Services and Payroll Services to client Ministries and the broader Public Sector. This new model will increase cost effectiveness and service efficiencies.

We are responsible for ensuring that government’s critical business initiatives are delivered on time, on budget and are based on results. The ministry will oversee Alternative Service Delivery initiatives recommended by government, and ensure they are implemented within an agreed-upon decision framework, that progress is measured, and that expected results are achieved.

The ministry will conduct its operations in such a way as to ensure that taxpayers get maximum value from the way government runs its internal operations.

The attached Service Plan reflects our achievements and outlines a strategy to meet our commitments over the next three years.

I am proud of the progress we’ve made and of the results achieved by ministry staff so far, and I am excited about the initiatives currently underway. Our plan is clear, and with continued dedication and commitment, I am confident that the Ministry of Management Services is — and will remain — an example of excellence in the public sector.

Honourable Sandy Santori
Minister of Management Services


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