Budget 2003 -- Government of British Columbia.
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Accountability Statement  
Strategic Context  
Goals, Key Outcome Indicators and Core Business Areas  
Objectives, Strategies, Performance Measures and Targets  
Consistency with Government Strategic Plan  
Resource Summary  
Summary of Related Planning Processes  
Appendix 1 — Legislation  
Appendix 2 — Organization Structure  
Appendix 3 — Indicator and Measure Descriptions  
Appendix 4 — Glossary  

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2003/04 – 2005/06 SERVICE PLAN
Ministry of Forests

Appendix 2 — Organization Structure

In response to its refocused mandate and resource reduction requirements, the ministry has undertaken a significant restructuring of its current organization. This restructuring will align available resources with the ministry’s core business functions.

The Victoria headquarters structure will consist of the following major elements: Corporate Policy & Governance division, Operations division (Field Services and BC Timber Sales), Forest Stewardship division, Tenure and Revenue division, and Communications.

The field structure of the ministry will consist of the following major elements: three forest region offices with 29 forest district offices and 4 satellite offices; 12 BC Timber Sales offices; and 6 fire centres.

Organization Structure Chart.


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