Ministry 2003/04 Annual Service Plan Report - Government of British Columbia.
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Performance Reporting

Overview of Ministry Goals — see Appendix A

Report on Results

Results Achievement Summary Table

Total Measures Results Measure
8 Results Achieved

1.1 Percentage of Job Placement clients who remain independent of income assistance for at least six months.

1.3 Percentage of Persons with Disabilities with employment income.

2.2 Percentage of British Columbia's population receiving income assistance.

2.3 Percentage of British Columbia's population receiving temporary assistance.

2.4 Percentage of caseload receiving temporary assistance.

5.1 Percentage of employees with performance and development plans in place.

6.1 Percentage of program and service contracts that are performance-based.

6.2 Percentage of appeal hearings commenced within 15 business days.

2 Benchmark Established

1.2 Percentage of Training for Jobs clients who remain independent of income assistance for at least six months.

2.1 Percentage of enquirers who contact BC Employment and Assistance offices and are diverted to employment.

3 Results Progressing

3.1 Percentage of caseload receiving continuous assistance.

3.2 Percentage of continuous assistance clients who work or volunteer.

4.1 Number of bus passes available to eligible seniors and Persons with Disabilities.



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Goal 5


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Goal 6




As part of the government's New Era commitment and the government's 2002/03 – 2004/05 Strategic Plan, ministries agreed to reduce regulatory requirements by one-third over a three-year period. In June 2001, the ministry set a target to reduce regulatory requirements by 688 by June 2004. Upon review of the determination of this regulatory reduction requirement it was determined that there were 82 items in the initial count that should not have been included. This reduces the reduction requirements to 606.

As a result of this review the ministry has met the regulatory reduction by achieving a 34.3 per cent reduction, ahead of the June 2004 deadline. A simpler and more understandable legislative framework for British Columbia's income assistance system has reduced redundancy and regulatory overlap. By reaching this target ahead of schedule, the ministry supports government's steady progress toward its deregulation goals.


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