Budget 2024 invests in ways to make life better by helping people with costs, delivering more homes faster, strengthening services and building a stronger and cleaner economy.

Budget 2024 will help protect us through tough times and build a stronger economy that works for people, by tackling today’s big challenges.


Helping people with everyday costs

To help ease the pressures of high prices from global inflation, Budget 2024 takes action to keep more money in people’s pockets.

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Delivering more homes for people, faster

B.C. continues to take strong action to build more homes for people by speeding up the delivery of new homes, increasing the supply of middle-income housing, fighting speculation and helping those who need it the most.

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Strengthening health care and the services people rely on

A stronger B.C. for everyone means delivering and protecting the services people rely on and supporting a growing population. Budget 2024 strengthens health care, K-12 education, justice and public safety and helps people who need extra care and support.

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Building a stronger, cleaner economy that works better for people

New measures to mitigate and better respond to the impacts of climate emergencies. Budget 2024 builds a cleaner, greener economy that creates new opportunities, jobs, community infrastructure, and addresses the challenges people are facing right now.

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