Budget 2023 is taking action on the issues that matter most by improving health and mental-health care, creating more affordable housing, growing a clean economy and delivering more help with costs – especially for families and British Columbians most affected by global inflation.

a montage of images creating a silhouette of a family including a senior woman with cane next to a small child holding hands with mother and father holding a smaller child


nurse assisting senior woman with walker

Health and mental-health care

Strengthening public health care and helping people find and stay connected to the care they need, including improving cancer care, expanding mental-health and addictions services and better support for health-care workers and family doctors.

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Helping with costs

Helping reduce people’s costs and offering extra support to those who need it most, including free contraception, increasing the BC Family Benefit and a new income-tested Renter’s Tax Credit that will help more than 80% of renter households.

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new looking modern condiminium building with blue sky in background

Affordable and attainable housing

Taking action to get people into homes they can afford with the largest three-year investment in B.C. history with more homes for people who rent, Indigenous Peoples, and middle-income families, and new actions to tackle homelessness.

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two women walking in a neighborhood with a baby strapped onto one woman's front

Safe and healthy communities

Expanding enforcement and intervention services to keep people and communities safe. Safe and healthy communities are supported by better access to justice and better connections to care for people with mental-health and addictions challenges.

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tradeswoman using measuring tape on lumber

Skills for future jobs

Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn new skills and secure good-paying jobs that support them and their communities and respond to businesses’ biggest challenge – the need for people – through B.C.’s Future Ready plan.

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Clean, sustainable development

Caring for B.C.’s natural resources in collaboration with Indigenous Peoples to create a sustainable economy while moving forward on the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030 and investing in climate ready communities.

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