Budget 2022 reflects the choices government is making to build a stronger B.C. by investing to make life better for people now and in the future.

By taking a responsible approach to budgeting and fiscal planning, government is supporting British Columbians and communities to get through COVID-19 safely together, build climate-resilient infrastructure, and prepare for future challenges — and opportunities — together.

Budget 2022 includes an updated forecast deficit of $483 million for 2021-22, less than the $9.7 billion projected in Budget 2021.

This decrease is mainly because of higher revenues, including significant one-time revenues and federal transfers, as well as higher natural resource and tax revenues as a result of stronger economic growth.

Economic highlights

Operating results

Being Prepared

Flood and wildfire recovery

Capital spending

Debt levels

Responsible fiscal management is a priority for government to be able to continue to deliver the services people rely on and build a stronger, more equitable future for everyone. As temporary funding for COVID-19 and flood response and recovery are no longer required, the Province will return to a practice of increasing expenditures within the bounds of the increase in revenues that are available for each budget cycle.