Budget 2022 makes the choices needed to build a stronger B.C. and make life better for people, by investing in our economic, environmental and social strengths. We’re supporting bold actions to fight climate change and protect people and communities from climate-related disasters, helping with the cost of living by reducing child care costs, investing to grow an inclusive and sustainable economy, and continuing to strengthen the public services people rely on.

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Building a stronger society by putting people first

Services people rely on like health care, child care and housing have supported people through the pandemic and recent climate-related disasters. Budget 2022 builds on these strengths and holds steady to what is right: putting people first.

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Building a stronger environment for our future

Wildfires, floods and extreme heat, have challenged people and reinforced the need to secure a low-carbon future for B.C. Budget 2022 helps fight climate change, build back better from recent disasters, and make sure people and communities across B.C. are protected from future disasters.

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Building a stronger economy for everyone

We have a vision for B.C.'s economic future: an inclusive, sustainable, and innovative economy that works for everyone. Budget 2022 helps ensure people throughout B.C. are poised to benefit from a growing economy, today and into the future.

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Building a stronger society by putting people first

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Strengthening health and mental health services

We're making sure more people have access to the health care they need by building new Urgent and Primary Care Centres, reducing emergency call wait and response times, and continuing to support ongoing COVID-19 responses, and more.

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Affordable, accessible, quality child care

We’re making progress toward our $10/day child care plan by significantly lowering the cost for families and creating 40,000 new, licensed child care spaces so everyone can access the care they need.

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Building infrastructure for a growing province

Through a record $27.4 billion investment, we’re building the schools, hospitals, housing, transit, highways and bridges we need for our growth and economic strength, while supporting 100,000 jobs across the province.

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Meaningful reconciliation

Meaningful reconciliation will be supported by investments for Indigenous Peoples and communities, including 15 First Nations Primary Care Centres, culturally based, inclusive child care, and the creation of a new Declaration Act Secretariat.

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Building more affordable homes

We're building on the 32,000 new, affordable homes for people in B.C. that have been completed or are underway since 2017, and continuing to fund the 10-year plan, Homes for BC, launched in 2018.

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Preventing and responding to homelessness

We’re improving how we prevent and respond to homelessness with better supports for youth in care, 3,000 new rent supplements with integrated supports, and 20 new Complex Care sites around the province to support people with the most complex needs.

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Fighting climate change

We’re fighting climate change through rebates and tax changes to make clean energy and clean transportation the more affordable option for people, while supporting business and industry as they move toward a more sustainable, cleaner future.

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Protecting people and communities from climate-related disasters

We’re investing $2.1 billion to support people and communities as they recover from last year’s floods and wildfires, and strengthening our defenses to ensure they are protected from future disasters.

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Stronger economy

We're supporting the StrongerBC Economic Plan, which invests in growing sectors like life sciences, manufacturing and agriculture, and building a sustainable, diverse and innovative economy that benefits people and meets the challenges of climate change.

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Building the labour force now

To prepare people for the jobs of the future, we are making sure the training and skills development people need is available today. We're helping workers upgrade their skills and train for new jobs, with new skilled trades certifications, and more training seats for much-needed workers in education and health care.

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Connecting communities

We're helping connect more homes in 280 First Nations, rural and remote communities to high-speed internet and cell service. This helps people get online for work, school, and to access services and do business.

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Supporting sexual assault survivors

We’re supporting survivors by restoring funding to over 50 sexual assault service centres, which provide crisis response, counselling, medication, forensic exams and child protection services.

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Meaningful reconciliation

We’re bringing B.C.’s laws into harmony with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, with funding to create a new Declaration Act Secretariat. The secretariat will guide and assist government to meet its obligation to make sure legislation is consistent with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and is developed in consultation and cooperation with Indigenous Peoples.

We’re making a range of investments to support Indigenous Peoples and communities, such as:

Funding for 15 First Nations primary care centres in partnership with the First Nations Health Authority to provide more culturally safe care closer to Indigenous communities.

Supporting Aboriginal Head Start, which provides culturally based inclusive child care, early learning and family bonding opportunities for Indigenous children.

Funding for Indigenous-led emergency management in First Nations communities.

Increased access to justice for Indigenous people through a virtual Indigenous Justice Centre.

Connecting First Nations communities to high-speed internet and cell service.

Expanding the Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program to include a new Accelerator Program, which will help Indigenous partners commercialize and scale-up innovative forest-based products.