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Delivering better services

Delivering better services

We’re improving the services people count on. From delivering faster and better health care, and building new and safer schools, to investments that will help communities better respond to and recover from wildfires, floods and other emergencies.

Improving health care

More hospitals, MRI’s, surgeries

As B.C.'s population grows, we need to make sure we are ready to meet the demand for health care services. New funding will help reduce wait lists and improve the quality and sustainability of the health services we need. That includes funding to ensure people get the surgery they need with shorter wait times.

We’re increasing access to diagnostic MRIs and improving care for seniors with new investments in primary care, home health, long-term care, assisted living and respite services. Budget 2020 delivers better care for you and your family by building on the steps we have been taking to transform B.C.’s health care system.

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Investing in education

More teachers and new, safer schools

Budget 2020 will support the growing number of students in our schools — more teachers, special education teachers, psychologists and counsellors to ensure all students have the best chance at success. We’re reducing class sizes and increasing classroom resources.

We’re building, expanding and seismically upgrading schools throughout the province.

To keep kids and the people who support them safe, we have nearly tripled the pace of seismic project approvals with 39 projects announced in just two years.

More than 10,000 spaces are being created to improve the learning environment for students in growing communities.

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Better access to justice and community saftey services

Removing barriers, expanding services

Women, Indigenous peoples, those living in poverty and other marginalized people often have greater barriers to accessing legal services. That is why we are funding legal aid clinics throughout B.C. to represent people in legal proceedings at no cost.

And because Indigenous peoples are over-represented in the justice system, we are funding new, culturally-safe Indigenous justice centres and programs. Budget 2020 provides an additional $71 million to enhance public safety and support services for people affected by crime. This includes $13 million for the Crime Victims Assistance Program to help victims and their families cope with the effects of violent crime.

Improving the lives of children and youth

Protecting and supporting children in care

More than 6,000 children and youth live in government care and, while the number is declining, Indigenous children and youth are still over-represented in care.

Budget 2020 includes $15 million over three years to make sure that Indigenous youth in care are getting the support they need to maintain connections with their community. Funding helps Indigenous children go to cultural events and stay connected with community members.

Wildfires and floods

Responding and recovering from natural disasters

Recent years have seen natural disasters devastate people, homes, communities, business and industry. This year’s budget significantly boosts funding to help the Province and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from wildfires, floods and other emergencies.