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Resource Summary

Resource Summary Table

Core Business Area2 2007/08 Restated Estimates1 2008/09 Estimates 2009/10 Plan 2010/11 Plan
Operating Expenses ($000)
Forest and Range Resource Management 426,332 456,713 459,954 460,224
Pricing and Selling Timber 232,566 264,829 231,449 240,149
Compliance and Enforcement 28,426 28,903 29,334 29,334
Executive and Support Services 53,966 56,078 57,410 57,472
Total 741,290 806,523 778,147 787,179
Full-time Equivalents (Direct FTEs)
Forest and Range Resource Management 1,776 1,786 1,786 1,786
Pricing and Selling Timber 1,047 1,073 1,086 1,099
Compliance and Enforcement 292 292 292 292
Executive and Support Services 583 572 572 572
Total 3,698 3,723 3,736 3,749
Ministry Capital Expenditures (Consolidated Revenue Fund) ($000)
Forest and Range Resource Management 12,367 11,651 11,651 11,651
Pricing and Selling Timber 1,886 1,800 1,800 1,800
Compliance and Enforcement 1,548 1,548 1,548 1,548
Executive and Support Services 5,671 5,672 5,672 5,672
Total 21,472 20,671 20,671 20,671
Other Financing Transactions ($000)
Pricing and Selling Timber (BC Timber Sales) Disbursements 50,200 19,200 52,900 44,200
Forest and Range Resource Management Disbursements 0 4,800 4,800 4,800
Total 50,200 24,000 57,700 49,000

1   Amounts have been restated, for comparative purposes only, to be consistent with Schedule A of the 2008/09 Estimates.
2   The 2008/09 Core Business Area presentation has changed from 2007/08 presentation to better align with Ministry service and program delivery, and all Core Businesses include funding in support of achieving both goals. The relationship between the revised and previous core businesses is shown in the following table:
Revised Core Business3, 4
Include the previous 2007/08 Core Businesses
Forest and Range Resource Management Protection Against Fire and Pest
Forest Stewardship
Range Stewardship and Grazing
Forest Investment — Land Based Investment, Forest Sciences and Land Use Planning Programs component
Pricing and Selling Timber — Engineering, Tenures and First Nations components
Pricing and Selling Timber Pricing and Selling Timber — Revenue and Competitive Forest Sector components
BC Timber Sales
Forest Investment — Market and Product Development Programs component
Compliance and Enforcement Compliance and Enforcement
Executive and Support Services Executive and Support Services

3   All Core Businesses are supported by funding provided by the Ministry Operations Vote. Additional funding to support the Forest and Range Resource Management Core Business is provided by the Direct Fire Vote of the legislature and the Forest Stand Management Fund special account. Funding to support the Pricing and Selling Timber Core Business includes the BC Timber Sales special account. All Core Businesses, except Compliance and Enforcement, are involved in the Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan.
4   The Forest Investment Account, overseen by a government-industry Council, provides funding to support sustainable forest management practices, to improve the public forest asset base and promote greater returns from the utilization of public timber. Funding for programs managed under the account are included in the Forest and Range Resource Management Core Business, with the exception of funding that supports Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd., which is in the Pricing and Selling Timber Core Business.
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