Related Initiatives and Planning Processes

Regulatory Reform

The Agency will continue to build on the foundation of Deregulation and move to SMART Regulation as indicated in the following table.

Objective Performance Measure 2005/06
0% increase to regulatory requirements throughout 2008/09. Regulatory requirements maintained at June 2004 baseline. 2,785 (June 2004 baseline) 2,785 (0% increase) 2,785 (0% increase) 2,785 (0% increase)

Information Resources Management Plan

The BC Public Service Agency Information Resource Management overview is available on the Agency website at:

Client-Centred Service Delivery

The Agency is an internal to government focused service delivery to enable government to provide the delivery of services to the public. Key to this is a strong and diverse public service that is capable of responding to changing public expectations. This service plan is designed to support client-centred service delivery.

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