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Message from the Attorney General and Accountability Statement

Photograph -- Honourable Wally Oppal.Compared with other justice systems in the world, our Canadian justice system — both criminal and civil — is among the very best. In British Columbia, the reforms we are making to the provincial justice system have positioned us as a leader in justice innovation.

As excellent as our provincial justice system is, we face new challenges brought about by a rapidly changing world. Criminal cases are far more complex today than at any time in our history. The legal processes that are required to try these cases are growing longer and more costly. Our population is becoming increasingly diverse with diverse civil and family justice needs. If left unaddressed, a burdened justice system can experience reduced accessibility and a loss of public confidence.

With the assistance of others in the justice system, it is my intention to continue to meet these challenges; to safeguard the integrity, fairness and effectiveness of our justice system; and to promote public confidence and pride in the administration of justice in our province.

This Service Plan Update outlines the key strategic priorities that this ministry will undertake over the next three years to ensure that these intentions are realized. In doing so, we will strengthen the justice system and confidence in it so that it is more capable than ever before of helping to achieve government's Five Great Goals for the prosperous decade ahead.

In addition, as the minister responsible for the Securities Act, I will carry forward government's commitment to reforming securities regulation — including both the substance of securities laws and the structure of regulation in Canada.

Finally, in my separate role as Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism, I believe opportunities abound to ensure that all residents of the province can flourish and that the Five Great Goals will be served well by our vibrant, culturally diverse society.

The Ministry of Attorney General 2005/06 – 2007/08 Service Plan Update September 2005 was prepared under my direction in accordance with the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act. I am accountable for the basis on which the plan has been prepared. All material fiscal assumptions and policy decisions as of August 31, 2005, have been considered in preparing the plan, and I am accountable for achieving the specific objectives in the plan.


Honourable Wally Oppal
Attorney General
and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism

August 31, 2005

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