Budget 2004 -- Government of British Columbia.
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  Photograph --  Honourable George Abbott.

I am pleased to present the Environmental Assessment Office Service Plan 2004/05 to 2006/07. The purpose of this plan is to facilitate the public's understanding of the core business of the Environmental Assessment Office, the resources it employs, and its expected results.

The Environmental Assessment Office plays an important role in British Columbia by delivering a thorough, timely and integrated environmental assessment process. It promotes the provincial goal of sustainability by protecting the environment and fostering a strong and vibrant economy.

Recent reforms to the environmental assessment process to streamline and customize review procedures are beginning to demonstrate increased business and industry confidence. More proponents are entering the process voluntarily and new provincial timelines are providing increased process certainty. The Environmental Assessment Office continues to place a high priority on ensuring harmonized reviews when both the federal and provincial environmental processes apply.

I look forward to reporting more fully on the successes of the Environmental Assessment Office in the future.

Honourable George Abbott
Minister of Sustainable Resource Management


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