Budget 2004 -- Government of British Columbia.
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Photograph -- Honourable Joyce Murray.Premier Gordon Campbell and I strongly believe that excellence in the public service plays a vital role in the life of our province. Directly or indirectly, the people who work for the provincial government touch the lives of every British Columbian. Professional, dedicated public servants contribute, fundamentally, to the well being of the people of this province.

Our citizens depend on an innovative and responsive public service to help them succeed in their personal, academic and business lives. A dynamic and productive public service is crucial to our province's success on the national and international stages.

The strength of our public service depends on employees who are motivated and supported to reach their highest potential. In April 2003, the BC Public Service Agency and the BC Leadership Centre were established to achieve that objective.

This document outlines the strategies the BC Public Service Agency will implement to bring public service renewal to life. As the Minister responsible, I believe this plan will help to create a public service that exemplifies the highest standard of excellence.

Honourable Joyce Murray
Minister of Management Services

February 4, 2004


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