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  Message from the Premier
  Performance Measures and Evaluations
  Core Values
  Links to the New Era Vision
  Goals, Objectives, Key Measures and Strategies
  Goal 1: A strong and vibrant provincial economy
  Goal 2: A supportive social fabric
  Goal 3: Safe, healthy communities and a sustainable environment
  Summary of Goals, Objectives and Key Measures

Message from the Premier

There are many dedicated people that work in the public service in British Columbia. This Strategic Plan is for them.

Values and the purpose of government should not change year over year – action items should. For us to meet the objectives we have set, it is critical we let the public servants know what we are all working to accomplish. We have made significant progress in the past year. That could not have happened without the dedication and hard work of the public service.

This year, the continued pursuit of prosperity is critical to our province. The Strategic Plan for 2003/04 through to 2005/06 is meant to guide our efforts to rebuild the economy and enable the delivery of excellent public services.


This is the second annual three-year Government Strategic Plan produced for British Columbians. The purpose of this Plan is to inform the public and the public service of the government's long term vision for the province. This vision sees British Columbians as innovators, turning great ideas into great ventures. Our goal is for British Columbia to have the best performing economy and the highest quality of life in North America. Revitalizing economic prosperity is the key to improving our quality of life in British Columbia and sustaining our valued public services. This plan outlines how we will achieve our vision.

It describes:

  • The core values that guide government — our beliefs and principles;
  • Our goals, objectives and strategies — what we hope to accomplish and how;
  • Performance measures — how we will know whether we are achieving our goals and objectives.

The foundation of this plan is based on three overriding goals: economic growth, a supportive social fabric and healthy communities and environment. Renewing our economy is unquestionably this government's top priority. It ultimately allows families to prosper and provides funds for government programs.

Performance Measures & Evaluations

We have committed to holding government accountable for measuring the success of its programs and reporting on performance. In developing this plan we have drawn from work across the province, and have used sets of evaluations and information that we monitor on a regular basis to assist in the development of key performance measures and indicators. In addition, we have established the British Columbia Progress Board to help define specific economic, social and environmental benchmarks and targets for the tax, regulatory, social and fiscal reforms that government will undertake, and to monitor its performance. This work will assist us in fulfilling the commitment to provide regular reports to British Columbians and the Legislature so that taxpayers can monitor our performance and progress, and hold government accountable for its commitments. It will also help to inform government where follow-up efforts are necessary and additional work is warranted.

Significant effort has been expended over the past year to refine the key measures and targets set out in last year's report. In most cases, specific targets are set for the govern­ment's key performance measures. The key measures that have been selected are those that best represent the overall performance in areas that are priorities for British Columbians. These measures do not tell us everything about government's performance, but they do provide an indication of the progress British Columbia is making in key areas such as the economy, health, education, justice and the environment.

Each year, government will report results for each measure relative to the target that has been set. These results are used as indicators of the government's progress towards achieving its goals. In addition, each government ministry has a set of key performance measures that relate to their goals and objectives. Ministry measures provide more detailed information on specific program performance. These measures are reported in ministry annual reports.


British Columbia is a prosperous and just province, whose citizens achieve their potential and have confidence in the future.

Core Values

  • Integrity: to make decisions in a manner that is consistent, professional, fair and balanced
  • Fiscal Responsibility: to implement affordable public policies
  • Accountability: to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and credibility of government
  • Respect: to treat all citizens equitably, compassionately and respectfully
  • Choice: afford citizens the opportunity to exercise self-determination

Link to Ministry Service Plans

The Strategic Plan is the guiding document for government, outlining its goals for the economy, our social fabric, our communities and physical environment. It is the umbrella plan for individual ministry service plans, which provide greater detail on performance measures and strategies.

Themes Underlying the Plan

Government will operate in an innovative, enterprising, results-oriented and accountable manner. In doing so, it will adopt the following managerial principles:

  • High standards of accountability, consultation and ethics
  • Focused and efficient delivery of government services
  • Social and fiscal responsibility
  • Open and transparent government
  • An innovative and goal-oriented public service


Vision Chart.


Links to the New Era Vision

The New Era document, which outlined the government's 2001 election policy platform, contained many far-reaching policy objectives. Ten specific objectives were highlighted for the future. Those ten objectives link to the goals described in this Strategic Plan, as outlined below:

Goal 1: A strong and vibrant provincial economy

  • A thriving private sector economy that creates high-paying job opportunities.
  • The fastest growing technology industry in Canada.
  • Greater equity and equality for British Columbia in Canada.
  • Responsible, accountable management of public resources and tax dollars.

Goal 2: A supportive social fabric

  • A top-notch education system for students of all ages.
  • High-quality public health care services that meet all patients' needs, where they live and when they need it.
  • Better services for children, families and First Nations.
  • The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada.

Goal 3: Safe, healthy communities and a sustainable environment

  • Safer streets and schools in every community.
  • A leading edge forest industry that is globally recognized for its productivity and environmental stewardship.

These commitments are reflected in the government's Strategic Plan.


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