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2003/04 – 2005/06 SERVICE PLAN
Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management

Photograph -- Honourable Stanley B. Hagen.I am pleased to present the 2003/04 – 2005/06 Service Plan for the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management. The plan describes the ministry’s leadership role across government and to the public and private sectors on the sustainable economic development of the province’s land and resources. It also sets out objectives, strategies, performance measures and targets for the next three years.

The Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management is the lead provincial agency responsible for planning, policies and resource information in support of the sustainable economic development of Crown land, water and resources. The ministry works to find a balance between economic development and environmental integrity. It also provides strategic direction to ensure that decisions about Crown land are sustainable, accountable and responsible. These services are of critical importance in ensuring improvement in British Columbia’s ability to attract investment and our clients’ ability to compete in global markets.

In its first full year, the ministry has made great strides in exercising its responsibilities. It is now refocusing its approach in a number of areas to respond to the government’s increased emphasis on economic growth and jobs. In particular the ministry is:

  • increasing its focus on client service and coordination between provincial agencies;
  • cooperating with other agencies to implement key initiatives that promote sustainable economic development in forestry, mining, tourism, oil and gas, aquaculture and agriculture, while maintaining environmental values; increased First Nations’ participation in economic development; and adoption of eco-system based management of resources;
  • increasing its focus on information services to allow clients access to accurate and science-based land, resource and geographic information through one central agency;
  • placing even greater priority on establishing partnerships with other government agencies, industry, academia and non-profit organizations to provide more efficient ways of delivering the ministry’s services; and
  • promoting organizational excellence through high-performance leadership and increasing the capabilities of staff to achieve the mandate of the ministry.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that await us as we promote a vibrant economy while protecting social and environmental values.

Honourable Stanley B. Hagen
Minister of Sustainable Resource Management


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