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Vision, Mission and Values


The Ministry of Human Resources envisions a province in which those British Columbians in need are assisted to achieve their social and economic potential.


The Ministry of Human Resources provides services that move people toward sustainable employment and assist individuals and families in need.


The Ministry of Human Resources' values are reflected in its work every day, and support the government's broader strategic plan and priorities. The government's core values are integrity, fiscal responsibility, accountability, respect and choice.

Personal responsibility — The ministry emphasizes personal responsibility by assisting clients who are able to work find employment and achieve independence. The ministry supports the efforts of clients who are working to enhance their self-reliance and involvement in their communities.

Active participation — Clients who are able to work are required to actively seek employment. The ministry supports these efforts with work search and job placement services, targeted employment training and tools such as employment plans. The ministry provides additional/specialized supports to persons with disabilities to maximize their self-reliance.

Dignity and Respect — The ministry is committed to treating all members of the public with equity and fairness, upholding the principles of dignity and respect. The ministry does this through open communication, building effective relationships and maintaining high ethical standards.

Innovative partnerships — The ministry is developing creative and innovative ways of working with a range of service providers and external agencies, as well as directly with clients.

Citizen confidence — Maintaining public confidence in ministry programs and services is fundamental to realizing the ministry's long-term objective of providing a sustainable income assistance system that provides for those most in need.

Fairness and transparency — The ministry functions under the principles of administrative fairness and transparency by informing clients of all reasons a decision is made and providing access to a fair and impartial review of the original decision, through reconsiderations and appeals.

Clear outcomes — The ministry sets clear outcomes, whether in the form of clearly defined goals as outlined in this Service Plan or responsibilities of clients outlined in their employment plans.

Accountability for results — The ministry is accountable to government and all British Columbians for results through performance management systems.


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